My Design Process

My User Experience Design Process.

In my 13 years as a UX/UI designer I’ve learned that good UX design starts and ends with purpose. A reason for why you create a design, and why you created it the way you did. Every part of a UX design should serve a functional purpose.

No part of a user experience should be explained with “because I like it”, or “because it looked good”. That only describes a designer experience rather than a user experience.


Every part of a user experience needs to answer: What purpose does this design serve for the user?

User Interface Design & Prototyping

I believe in rapid iteration on serveral ideas at once. I use Invision, Sketch, Axure, FramerJs, and HTML/CSS and others to create functional motion prototypes. With native design motion standards and even hybrid design animations, its becoming more and more difficult to fully communicate a UI to a team without creating a usable prototype.  I do this in the UX stage for rough functionality and in the UI stages to refine usability.



Native Design for Android and iOS

Motion prototyping is especially useful when designing for native apps on Android and iOS. There is a big difference between the two platforms. Android’s Material design and iOS HID have very different standards concerning timing, animation, permissions, and visuals. Being able to use them side by side really gives stakeholders a sense of usability that flat mockups just can’t provide.